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Urtuzuastegui, et al., v. Vickers Distribution and Transfer, et al.

State: Tennessee
County: Shelby
City: Memphis
Case Summary: This case involves a catastrophic accident between the motorcycle being operated by the plaintiff and the tractor trailer being operated by the defendant driver in the course and scope of his employment with the defendant distribution company. As a result of the accident in which the defendant made a left hand turn immediately in front of the plaintiff’s approaching motorcycle, the plaintiff sustained severe traumatic brain injury related to his left parietal-occipital subdural hematoma with a mid-line shift and other hemorrhages. The plaintiff also sustained a right clavicle fracture, comminuted fracture to his right radius and ulna, right scapulothoracic disassociation, severe brachial plexus injury resulting in the plaintiff’s complete loss of use, function and sensation in his right arm, hand and wrist, subdural hematoma), T6-T8 spine fractures, pseudoneurism, left ACL tear, a chronic pain syndrome and major depression.
Status: Closed
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